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Pole Pocket
Pole Pocket Backdrop In Action

What are Pole Pocket Adjustable Tension Fabric Backdrops?

Pole Pocket systems allow you to slip a printed fabric through the top and bottom poles (sometimes also the side poles) to create large-scale backdrops 8ft high and up to 8ft or 10ft wide, depending on the adjustable stand. They use dye sublimation printing to create arresting graphics that serve equally well as backgrounds for photo booths, for step-and-repeat applications, or for trade show or other large-scale events.

At PB Backdrops we carry thousands of ready-to-print stock images for your pole pocket system. We also print your custom designs and will even help you with your design needs. Best of all, we offer our pole pocket tension fabric backdrops single-sided and double-sided so you can double its use.

Single-sided or double-sided
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Thousands of Stock designs
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The Benefit of Pole Pocket Tension Fabric Systems

The most important benefit, naturally, is that they occupy a lot of space, given the fabric backdrop is 8ft wide by 8ft high. In this they're like Pillow Cover Backdrops, which are also 8ft wide by 8ft high. Where the two differ however is in extendability. Any good pole pocket stand will extend beyond 96" (8ft) wide, usually to 120" (10ft), thus freeing up space to left and right of the backdrop. This is useful, for example, if you'd like to add curtains to either side of the backrop, or for attaching clamp lights that do not then interfere with the background itself.

But the stands also shrink, which is to say you can make them smaller than 8ft x 8ft, often as short as 4ft high x 6ft wide, depending on the stand. That increases their versatility as you take them with you from venue to venue. Fixed-width-&-height stands cannot be used this way.

A little about the tension fabric. Tension fabric is the go-to fabric for backdrops pole pocket or pillow because it's seamless and wrinkle-free on account of the tensioning (whether pole pocket or pillow). It is also lightweight, portable and durable; can be machine-washed; will last a long, long time; does not fade; and is non-reflective. Most important, when using dye-sublimation (heat transfer) to print the image, the quality of the graphics is outstanding.

So - if you're looking for a cost-effective, highly portable and adaptive fabric tensioning system, we are happy to recommend Pole Pocket Systems as a great solution. Moreover, with our thousands of stock (i.e., ready-to-print) images on hand, we also make your life easy, with less expense than custom design. To view these stock images, enter one of the products above and follow the prompts.

As always, if you have any questions, just ask!