Flower Walls


When printed backdrops simply will not do!

Yes, real flower walls with real blooms (real silk blooms, that is). PBBackdrops Flower Walls are NOT printed. We use only high quality imitation blooms that will not lose color or shape, and whose petals will not fall out. You can use the walls again and again for years to come.


   Distinctive & Memorable

   Easy to assemble, easy to hang

The Flowers

   No, the petals will not fall out!

   The flowers are made of high quality silk

   Vibrant and durable, they will not fade or lose shape

   Heavy-duty cloth backing ensures the floral arrangement keeps its shape

The Panels

   Each panel is 8ft wide x 8ft tall

   Your choice of a single 8x8 panel, two 4x8 panels, or four 2x8 panels

   Easy to assemble then hang on pipe & drape stands (or similar stands, including pillow stands)

   The assembled panel weighs approximately 33 to 44lbs (15 to 20kg)


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