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KC Ham to Photo Booth Network
47 minutes ago •
Huge shoutout to Brian Ginsberg for another great transaction! Super fast turnaround on a last minute custom backdrop for a client. This makes 6 orders for us this year. Always a great guy to work with.

Tomas Smith to Photo Booth Network
October 26 at 5:54 AM •
Big shout out to Brian Ginsberg.....PB Backdrops Thank you for the awesome customer service.... amazing ordered pillow backdrop bundle a few weeks back and very happy. Had the misfortune of a dealing...

 Art Armani

June 25

Shout out to Brian Ginsberg for the super fast delivery of a fantastic product. Venues hate feather boas because they shed all over the place and are a pain in the you know what to clean up after an event.

Boas are back in my arsenal with these that are beautiful and mess free.

Could I order from somewhere else for same or cheaper cost? Possibly, but I’ll stay true to the companies that provide me fantastic service and proactive shipping cost adjustments for bulk orders.

Jessie Whitfield

18 hrs

Just wanted to give a shout out the Brian Ginsberg for his stellar customer service. I've had a lot of last minute requests, including one today for an event this Saturday and he has always come through immediately with providing me with high quality backdrops. Would appreciate it if people don't give me crap about posting since I noticed this has been a trend when people give reviews of vendors on here. I personally think it's important to share these reviews (positive or negative) because it allows other photo booth owners to make informed decisions about who they do business with and I personally would appreciate the same courtesy.

 Kim Mit

April 1

Big shout out to Brian Ginsberg! I bought pillow cover backdrops with the stand back in November but hadn't had a chance to even open the box. Had a little snafu at the last minute and couldn't use the pipe and drape backdrop that I'd planned on so I rushed out the door with the pillow cover kit. When I got to the venue with my brand spanking new backdrop and my brand spanking new attendant, I nearly went into panic mode because I saw all of the pieces and thought there was no way we were going to figure out how to assemble it in time for the event. I turned my back for like two minutes and, when I turned back around, the attendant who hadn't even heard of a backdrop before that day had it halfway assembled!! We got set up with time to spare! Totally saved my bacon! I will be purchasing a second set soon!

Daniel Cooper to Photo Booth Network

February 24 at 9:33 AM · Clifton Park, NY ·

Huge thanks to Brian Ginsberg for making us look good! I could probably pack the booths up and still be just as popular with people just wanting to play with the mermaid backdrop!

Dan Heimbueger

August 13

It’s after 1:00am local time and I just got done sending an emergent message to Brian Ginsberg at PB Backdrops and More, because I realized today that even though I live across the country from him I needed 2 pillowcase frames for this Saturday 8.18.18!! Not only did Brian get back to me at 12:30 but we are going to have the frames here in Buffalo by Friday. His new rental program is absolutely fantastic and it really saved me for this upcoming weekend. There is not another vendor I’ve EVER dealt with in ANY industry that is willing to go to such lengths to help his clients out. You can genuinely tell this guy takes the utmost pride in his company and his name/reputation are synonymous with the highest quality of product and service! Brian your rental program is amazing and thanks so much for always being so responsive, flexible and accommodating! If you need anything backdrop related for your business, seriously don’t bother going anywhere else!!

Sean Sigh to Photo Booth Network

August 24 at 8:14 PM ·

Just want to say thank you to Brian Ginsberg with PB Backdrops for a dope custom backdrop and fast service. The client was extremely happy!

Jessie Whitfield

June 30

Recently bought Brian Ginsberg’s green screen and stand and used them today. TERRIBLE! Just kidding! Super happy with them and guests loved the Boomerangs. He came through with a last minute request and was able provide me with what I needed immediately (thankfully we live in the same state.) Highly recommend him. No, he did not pay me to write this. Looking forward to supporting him and other vendors in the future!

Richard Legault

October 4 at 9:19 AM

Huge shout out to Brian Ginsberg for making magic happen. Even though I messed up my order it still arrived in time to use my new backdrops for the wedding show.
This is the reason I always order from PB Backdrops. Thanks