SUPER DUPER AMAZING GIANT BUNDLE - 2 Pillow Cover Frames and 6 Double Sided Backdrops Bundle w/Free Shipping and Oversized Bases

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Note that the names MUST be exact. These are custom-built products; we are NOT responsible for an incorrect choice.

Custom Design: You may also substitute your own design for one or more of our backdrops. The price for this is calculated by the "side" ($15/side). You may do so by writing in "CUSTOM" for one or more sides below. (For example, BEACH SUNSET/CUSTOM or CUSTOM/CUSTOM) then selecting the appropriate number of custom sides in the Options below.

  • 6ft Spandex Fabric Table Cover All black with white lettering
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Note that rush orders are NOT available on this bundle.

If you need rush for Standard Size only, or for Pole Pocket Styles, please contact us BEFORE ordering. We may be able to help!


2 x NEW UPGRADED  Straight Shape Aluminum Stand (Actual size is 7'6", with True 8x8 available). 

6 x Double sided Heat Transfer Tension Fabric Banner with Zipper (Any of designs or design your own. If you choose to design your own please reach out to us for design template)

2 x Oxford Carrying Bag

6 x carry bags for backdrops

Features & Benefits

  • Solid color printed tension fabric display with vivid image.
  • Aluminum display frame, lightweight & durable & recyclable (clear anodized tubing).
  • Tension Fabric: washable & wrinkle free & recyclable & eco-friendly.
  • Folding & portable, widely used for indoor & outdoor advertisement, trade show exhibits, events, special promotion, fairs, weddings, party.

Tube Diameter

We offer the frame tubing in two diameters: 32mm (standard), and an upgrade to 43mm (robust).

Why upgrade your tubing? The robustness of the 43mm speaks for itself: thicker and sturdier means longer-lasting. For those of you who do many events each year, changing backdrops as you go, the robust 43mm tubing is hands-down the preferred solution. Well worth it in durability, best in the long run.

YES, your current backdrops WILL fit on the new 43mm stands and allow you to zip them onto the frame.

Note that the 43mm tubing does not come with riveted bases. It uses the 1-Screw Oversize Bases. Click here to view the Base Pins.

43mm tubing
43mm tubing
43mm tubing
43mm tubing


Carry Bag Options

We offer three types of Carry Bags: Standard, Three-Pocket, and Deluxe.

The Standard Carry Bag comes free with every frame. It's made of durable 600d material.

The Carry With Pockets includes 3 extra pockets, Velcro seals, extra padding, and extra straps. It's made of durable 600d material.

The Deluxe with Pockets includes 3 extra pockets, Velcro seals, extra padding, and extra straps. It's made of durable 1200d material, making it twice as thick and robust and therefore exceptionally tough and long-lasting.

NOTE: These Carry Bags fit all frames except the True 8x8 with 43mm tubing.

Standard Carry Bag
Standard Carry Bag
Carry Bag with Pockets
Carry Bag with Pockets
Deluxe Carry Bag
Deluxe Carry Bag


Watch it assembled (4 minutes)

blackout video


The Blackout Backdrop (product addon) - What is it?

The Blackout Backdrop is designed to stop background light shining through - exactly as the name implies. You can use it on its own (it will be black) or in combination with more translucent pillow backdrops to block out background light. To learn more, click here.

blackout video


6ft Spandex Fabric Table Cover (product addon)

Made of quality elastic polyester fabric, this table cover adds an attractive, professional appearance to your event table while letting your customers know exactly what they need to do before getting their picture snapped: grab a prop, strike a pose.

6ft Spandex Fabric Table Cover All black with white lettering

Mermaid Pillow Backdrops, Rosette Backdrops, and Sequin Backdrops are NOT included in this bundle. These are all specialty items. You may choose from all the other designs located here: Pillow Cover Tension Fabric Designs

When choosing designs, note that for any that contain "sequins" or "sparkles," those sequins or sparkles are printed. They are not real!

Also, please note that these backdrops are custom-made to order and no returns on them are available.

How to Submit Your Artwork/Graphics

If PB Backdrops is handling your custom designs, you don't need the following information. Add the Custom Design option to your order (above) and we will follow up.

If your artwork is ready to submit before you purchase this product, you can include it in the Graphics Upload (above) with your order.

Graphics Guidelines:

We require "print-ready" files from you for all your custom artwork. That means they must adhere to the following:

  • Template size specs must be observed.
  • Resolution: 300dpi.
  • Acceptable file types: pdf, eps, psd, ai, tiff
  • Files MUST be flattened (psd), images unembedded & fonts outlined (ai) and all die-lines removed. In the event we need to do additional work on your file we will ask for the original non-print-ready version.

Request Design Proof:

If you are submitting your own completed design, note that the final product may not turn out as you expect. We suggest you request a Design Proof (see checkout options). This gives you the chance to see the final product before it goes to print. You may waive the design proof - but please understand that you also waive your right to contest the design once it has printed.

Copyright Notice:

Before you upload your artwork, please make sure you have the copyright or that you are authorized to use the images or files. PB Backdrops is not responsible for any copyright infringement.


  1. Download instructions and/or templates below. These contain the dimensions you will need.
  2. When you are finished creating/editing your design, send it to us using the Custom Graphics Upload feature (CLICK HERE). You can also send it to the email address on your Order Confirmation Email - be sure to indicate what product it's for (best way is to add your invoice #).

   Click to DOWNLOAD PDF Template File

Product Order Notes

  • 43mm Tubes. Please Note there will be 1 extra day production time added when you select 43mm frames.
  • All Tension Fabric products are made to order unless otherwise specified. Production time is 2-3 days from the time we receive your approved artwork and then 4-7 business days in the air to you if you are in the Continental U.S., 4-10 days outside the U.S. Rush Orders available upon request, for an additional fee. Shipping times are not guaranteed.
  • PB Backdrops is not responsible for backdrops ordered in the wrong size. We make every effort to inform you of our stand sizes. If you chose to use a stand other than ours, we can only guarantee fitment for stand sizes we provide. There are no Returns or Exchanges since all backdrops are custom-printed to order.
  • International Orders - the site does not currently calculate International Shipping Charges. After your order is placed we will contact you with your exact shipping quotes.


General Terms

  • Screen Colors: the exact product colors may vary from what you see above. Different screens show colors slightly differently.
  • Print Colors & Print Color Matching: colors may vary slightly between fabric types and from what you see on the screen. This is normal; we do NOT color match.
  • Production and shipping times: these are estimates only. We cannot guarantee them although we will do our absolute best to stick to them.
  • Shipping/Delivery: PBBackdrops has no control over, and is not responsible for, any delays in shipping/delivery. Weather, carrier, and shipping concerns, may all impact your delivery date. Please consider allowing for additional shipping time (at least 2 days) to be sure you receive your order by your desired date.
  • Shipping Rates: Higher shipping rates apply to the following (and may also apply to others not listed here: Costa Rica, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Guam, Panama, South Africa. We will all or email you to discuss rates.
  • Taxes & duties: PBBackdrops is not responsible for taxes and duties on any products shipped to other countries.
  • Returns: to see our Return Policy, please click here.